A personal account of one woman’s health journey amid the complexities of postpartum recovery in America.

Of the many, many unknown consequences brought about by the current global pandemic, one glaring flaw we’ve seen exacerbated has been the pre-existing weaknesses within America’s healthcare system. This is especially the case when it comes to women’s health, and one area in particular where the country falls short is postpartum care and education.

Tiffany Lorena Walker, 26, recalls her 10-month long postpartum recovery that was both physically painful and mentally taxing. When Tiffany found out that she was pregnant, she began to do all she could to prepare for a smooth pregnancy, labor and delivery. Although her first trimester…

Keisha Katz

Wife. Mom. Documentary Producer. Journalist. Advocate. Christian. Native New Yorker. Email: KeishaCKatz@gmail.com

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